Relax. You’re Covered!

We have been the best in the Midwest for 30 years and counting! We are not your typical company, and this is not your typical warranty! 

  • Most people think that these home warranty policies are just for the protection of a buyer for the first year after a home purchase. We have renewed the policies for our home and our rental properties annually because it provides us with protection from sudden major expenses. It is also nice to have a contact who is familiar with our properties and any past problems we’ve had so that there is some ‘continuity of care.’ When one of our tenants calls in the middle of the night to say that their heat is not working, we make only one call to UHP and we know that the problem will be taken care of promptly. We’ve depended on UHP for years.

    Susan Scott Oregon, WI
  • ​Selling and buying a home is a stressful enough event in one’s life, and the security of knowing that UHP is there to help in a professional, fast and high quality manner is such a relief. I’m very grateful that UHP treats others as they would themselves, and values high quality contractors. I will definitely be looking to renew my warranty once the current one expires.

    Emily Celmer Madison, WI
  • Woke up New Years Day and the furnace was out. I couldn’t figured it out so I called UHP. I left a message and got a call back within an hour. The person was very helpful and had a repairman out to the house in 30 min. The guy fixed it in a half hour. I wrote the repairman a check for $85 and that was it. Just to have an HVAC serviceman come on a holiday is at least $120 to ring your doorbell. Excellent service

    Adam Tuschen De Forest, WI
  • No home should be sold without one. Seller, buyer and agent all win. It is becoming an industry standard to provide a warranty and UHP sets the bar, so why not go with the best? No more calls from angry buyers because their furnace breaks down or they have no hot water. They’rrrre Grrrrrreeeeeaaaatttt!

    Neil Mathweg EXP Realty
  • I have used this company several times for several repairs and each one has been handled efficiently and effectively.

    Dave Germantown, WI
  • We've had UHP for the last 4.5 years and with every claim we've had nothing but a positive experience. Responsive, helpful, great customer service and they use top notch contractors. I recommend UHP to my friends!

    Brittni P. Oak Creek, WI
  • Called them about a leaking water heater at 8:00 AM and there is now a brand new heater installed before noon! The representative that I spoke with was polite and efficient. My cost for this $800 job was the $85 deductible and $20 for a city permit. Couldn’t be happier!

    Jeremy M Fond du Lac, WI
  • I’m really impressed with UHP and would definitely recommend them to friends. We appreciate the assistance and UHP was a big help!

    Patrick Ostroth Oshkosh, WI