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Please Note: UHP will pay a maximum of $1150 for repair or replacement costs of an R22 (Freon) Air Conditioning System.

Due to supply chain issues there are now significant manufacturing and shipping delays for parts and mechanical equipment. Additionally, many service contractors have received a large influx of service requests, and some customers are experiencing longer delays for service than normal. We apologize for any delay or inconvenience as a result. Please feel free to try our troubleshooting hints prior to filing a claim or feel free to contact us at 608-831-0285.

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  • Please note: New contracts went into effect on April 15th, and some systems may not qualify for coverage under your specific warranty contract. The ice maker, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are only covered under a new contract, and starred systems are only covered if you have an Elite or Ultimate Warranty, and double starred systems are only covered if you have the optional coverage rider.
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  • Please Note:

    The homeowner is responsible for a $75 deductible (plus tax if applicable) for each component or appliance malfunction referred to a UHP approved contractor/service technician. The deductible charge is due when the service is performed and shall be paid by the homeowner to the authorized UHP contractor upon presentation of the bill.

    (Note: Emergency service is provided upon the sole discretion of Universal Home Protection. Emergency service will be provided when there is a threat of life or property damage. If your request does not qualify for emergency service, you will be contacted the next business day.)