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Not only do you the seller have risk-free coverage for the term of the listing period, a home warranty is also a great marketing tool. Our warranty adds an attractive advantage to your property and statistics have shown that homes with a warranty sell faster and closer to the original asking price than homes without a warranty. Perhaps the better question would be, why shouldn’t I put a home warranty on a house I’m selling? Benefits include:

  • Free seller coverage during the listing period.
  • The warranty is not paid for unless your home closes, even if claims are filed.
  • Coverage transfers to the buyer for one year from the closing date, which means you are providing your buyers peace of mind in the event a major mechanical malfunction occurs.

You can purchase a warranty for your buyer. Unfortunately, if you are not marketing your property through MLS or with a real estate professional, we are not able to provide a seller home warranty.

You can simply fill out the online application or contact Universal Home Protection within ten (10) days after the closing to initiate the buyer home warranty. If you’re working with a real estate professional, they can assist you with the application process and the appropriate fees can be deducted from the closing costs.

Single Family Homes

Basic Home Warranty $450

  • Basic Seller Home Warranty
  • Basic Buyer Home Warranty
  • Basic Homeowner Direct Warranty

Elite Home Warranty $525

  • Elite Seller Home Warranty
  • Elite Buyer Home Warranty
  • Elite Homeowner Direct Warranty

New Construction Warranty $545

  • Basic Home Warranty Only

Multiple Family/Unit Homes

  • Duplex Basic Plan - $ 720
  • Duplex Elite Plan - $ 755
  • Three-Unit Basic Plan - $920
  • Three-Unit Elite Plan - $955
  • Four-Unit Basic Plan - $1,120.00
  • Four-Unit Elite Plan - $1,155.00

For Multiple Family Homes larger than 4 units, please contact Universal Home Protection.

Your home warranty covers mechanical malfunctions on items listed as covered under your specific plan during the term of the contract as a result of normal wear and tear. If your furnace stops heating, don’t panic. Give us a call!

Read about our full list of Covered Benefits

Seller Warranty – Effective during the listing period. (Terms may apply)

Buyer Warranty – Effective for one (1) year as of the closing date

Homeowner Direct Warranty – Effective 30 days after receipt of application and payment in full and remains in effect for one (1) year

New Construction Warranty – Effective on the one (1) year anniversary of the date of closing and remains in effect for three (3) years

Most warranties are renewable and UHP may, at it’s option and if permitted by state law, renew the contract. The homeowner will be notified by post card that their plan is about to expire. Renewal payment must be received by UHP prior to the expiration date of the current contract.

The warranty plan expiration date is provided in the confirmation letter you received when the warranty went into effect. The expiration date is also listed on the renewal notice.

Yes. Do not call a contractor yourself. You MUST File a Claim online or contact UHP at either 608-831-0285 or 1-877-225-5847 to file a claim when you have a malfunction. Any work performed without UHP’s prior consent may not be covered.

Filing a claim has never been easier. Simply File a Claim and submit your request to us online anytime, anywhere. You may also contact us at either 608-831-0285 or 1-877-225-5847 to file a claim. UHP’s normal business hours are M-F, 8 am to 5 pm CST. If you have an emergency situation after normal business hours or on weekends, you can call either number listed above and leave your request for service on UHP’s service line. The voicemail system will direct you how to do this, or you can file an emergency claim online. If an emergency situation exists, you will be contacted by a UHP representative or a UHP approved service contractor. Please note: claims filed online will be addressed during normal business hours unless you check the box indicating it is an emergency after hour request for service.

No. There are no claim forms needed. Simply File a Claim online or contact us by phone.

Once you contact UHP to request service, you are filing a claim. After we’ve been contacted by you, we will refer your service request to one of the many highly qualified service firms under contract in your community. In turn, you will have the option to have your equipment repaired if the malfunction is repairable or you can choose to take a repair credit reimbursement. If the covered malfunction is not repairable, a replacement credit will be established.

Yes. The service provider will diagnose the issue and contact UHP with a proposal for the repairs. If you do not want your equipment/appliance repaired, you can choose to replace your equipment/ appliance and UHP will give you a repair credit reimbursement based upon the cost of the repair provided by the service contractor. When the homeowner elects to receive a repair credit reimbursement, the delivery, installation, and associated fees related to the new appliance or component will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

A repair credit is the proposed cost of a repair less the deductible that can be applied as a credit amount or reimbursement toward the purchase of new equipment/appliance. If you don’t want your equipment/appliance repaired, you always have the option to use a repair credit. When the homeowner elects to receive a repair credit reimbursement, the delivery, installation, and associated fees related to the new appliance or component will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

A replacement credit is the proposed cost of the replacement equipment/appliance through an approved contractor when a malfunction is not repairable or when the repair cost exceeds the cost of the replacement. The replacement credit includes the cost of delivery, installation and associated fees related to the new equipment/appliance (Terms may apply). If the homeowner elects to purchase new equipment or an appliance that exceeds the replacement credit, the homeowner will be responsible for the difference.

Once a credit amount is established, you will be able to choose what equipment/appliance you want to purchase. (Terms may apply)

You are responsible for a deductible charge on each component or appliance malfunction referred to a UHP approved contactor/service technician. Additional charges, including tax, may apply. (Deductible rates may vary, please refer to the actual terms and conditions of your specific plan.)

​Some deductible charges are taxable. Due to recent Wisconsin legislation you may be responsible for tax on your deductible depending upon what type of service is being completed.

The payment of the deductible charge is due when the service is performed and shall be paid by the owner to the authorized UHP contractor upon presentation of the bill to the owner.

No. A home inspection is not required to apply for a UHP home warranty plan. However, keep in mind that pre-existing conditions are not covered by the home warranty plan, so having the mechanical systems checked by a professional may be beneficial to you.

No. UHP has no age limitations on the covered mechanical systems in your home. The mechanical systems and appliances, however, must be correctly installed and in proper working condition at the time of the effective date of the home warranty.

Currently, UHP offers home warranty coverage to properties located in Wisconsin, the northern portion of Illinois and the Chicago area.

UHP cannot replace a non-malfunctioning component/appliance. While it may be recommended the circuit panel be replaced due it being a potential fire hazard, upgrading or improvement of systems is the responsibility of the homeowner. http://www.ismypanelsafe.com/fpe.aspx

Contracts effective on or after May 15, 2015 do not cover items found to be defective by the product manufacturer or by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for which any recalls or warnings are or have been issued. Repairs or replacements deemed necessary as a result of any manufacturing defect including improper design, use of improper materials, or any other manufacturing defects are not covered by this contract.

The remaining balance of your warranty is transferable upon written request and approval per Universal Home Protection.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) evaluates and manages the country’s use of various forms of energy. One of their main goals is to focus on initiating regulations to create air conditioners and heating systems that operate using less energy. Gradually, the DOE raises the requirements for SEER ratings. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. On January 22, 2006, the minimum standard for air conditioners was raised from 10 SEER to 13 SEER. The 13 SEER Minimum requirements affect everyone: consumers, HVAC dealers, and manufacturers of air conditioners and heat pumps. The 13 SEER minimum efficiency law is unavoidable.

If your air conditioning system malfunctions and requires replacement, once the replacement is approved by UHP, UHP will replace it in accordance with the current laws regarding 13 SEER systems and will also participate in the cost of that replacement up to the aggregate maximum amount stated in the contract.