Whether you’re selling your home, buying a new home, or currently own a home, our warranty offers peace of mind and security you can trust.

Complete our simple application to setup up the coverage you need.

Seller Home Warranty

Selling your home? A Basic, Elite, or Ultimate Seller Warranty is effective upon our acceptance of the application during your active listing period with a Realtor®. Proper funds must be collected at closing and the warranty will then transfer to the Buyer for a period of one year.

This warranty is a “no brainer” if you’re selling your home!

A Seller Basic or Elite Warranty offers risk-free bonus coverage while you are working with a Realtor® to sell your home. Here is how it works…coverage becomes effective on an active listing after we receive and accept your application and remains in effect until you sell your home. If your Agreement with your Realtor® expires, you don’t pay for the warranty…even if we’ve repaired or replaced an item or two along the way!

By offering this warranty, your home will be much more attractive to potential buyers and will most likely help your Realtor® sell it faster and closer to your asking price.

Don’t forget. If you don’t take advantage of a Seller Warranty now, there is a very good chance a buyer will include an offer contingency requesting you to provide them with a Buyer Warranty. A Buyer warranty will cost you the same amount, but you won’t benefit from any coverage.

UHP is now offering an Ultimate Warranty which not only covers unknown pre-existing conditions, but coverage would also go into effect for the seller upon acceptance should the Ultimate Warranty be negotiated as part of the sale.

See? It really is a “no brainer”!

*Please see Terms and Conditions for details.

Buyer Home Warranty

Are you buying a home? Did the buyer of your home request a warranty? A Basic, Elite or Ultimate Buyer Warranty becomes effective on the closing date and remains in effect for one full year.

Don’t get stuck with unexpected repair or replacement costs – Don’t stress, Relax, and Know You’re Covered.

You can sign up for a buyer warranty right at the closing table. We just need to receive the application and payment within 10 days after the closing. With our warranty you are covered in the event of a mechanical failure due to normal wear and tear. The last thing you want to do after purchasing a new home is shell out thousands of dollars on a new system. If you have a buyer warranty, you won’t have to strain your budget should something break down. It gets better, though! Worried about unknown pre-existing conditions? By adding the Ultimate Buyer Warranty, any unknown pre-existing condition discovered after closing would be covered! Anyone can purchase the warranty, so don’t be shy, ask for a buyer warranty.

*Please see Terms and Conditions for details.

Homeowner Direct Warranty

Do you want to purchase a warranty for a home or income property you own? If you’re not currently involved in a real estate transaction, or even if you are, you can apply for a Basic or Elite Homeowner Direct Warranty.

If you want the peace of mind our warranty provides, you can purchase the Basic or Elite Warranty and any of the additional coverage options at any time. The warranty goes into effect 30 days after full payment is received and is in effect for one full year. Sorry about the 30 days, it’s a policy thing.

*Please see Terms and Conditions for details.

New Construction Warranty

Are you purchasing a newly constructed home with a builders warranty?

The Basic Warranty can be purchased by or on behalf of a home buyer at the time of closing of a newly constructed single family home. The warranty will go into effect on the first anniversary date of the closing, which is when the builders warranty expires, and it will remain in effect for a term of three (3) years.

*Please see Terms and Conditions for details.