Service Contractors

Universal Home Protection works with highly recommended, reputable, and qualified service contractors throughout our service area. We prescreen all of our licensed contractors and require them to provide us with proof of insurance prior to implementing their services. This enables us to provide the highest level of quality service to our plan holders.

At the present time, Universal Home Protection covers properties in the state of Wisconsin and the northern portion of Illinois.

Procedure For Handling UHP Service Calls

  1. Respond to service requests from UHP on a timely basis recognizing the response criteria of UHP as outlined in the UHP Coverage Document.
  2. Meet, to the best of the firm’s ability, the provisions of the warranty plan as outlined under “Terms and Conditions” and “Services”.
  3. Labor charge to be at the posted labor rate.
  4. Authorization Requirements:
    • For repairs estimated to be $100 or under, UHP authorization is not required. The homeowner is responsible for their full deductible.
    • For repairs estimated to be within the range of $100 to $300, UHP grants the service contractor the authorization to proceed with the repair without further authorization from UHP. However, the homeowner must agree to proceed with the repair or take a repair credit.
    • For repairs/replacements over $300, UHP must be provided with a written or verbal estimate/proposal to repair or replace. UHP or the contractor will consult with the homeowner to determine if the homeowner wishes to proceed with the repair or take a repair credit based on the repair estimate.
  5. Billing Requirements:
    • For repairs/replacements that meet the homeowner’s deductible or under, the homeowner will be billed the entire amount. For amounts over the deductible, a single invoice will be issued, the original to be sent to the homeowner with a copy to UHP. The invoice should detail the homeowner’s responsibility with the balance due from UHP.
  6. In the event a return call is required to complete service, only one service call deductible shall apply.
  7. Normal service and equipment warranties shall apply.

Inquire About Becoming A UHP Authorized Service Contractor

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