File an Emergency Claim

UHP will only respond to emergency requests if there is a threat of life or property damage. It is the sole discretion of UHP to determine if an emergency situation exists. By submitting the online claim you are agreeing to communicate via email or text.

If you are filing this claim after 12 am, you will most likely not hear from UHP or a contractor until after 6 am.

If you have not already tried troubleshooting, please review the troubleshooting hints.  You may be able to resolve the issue yourself without generating unnecessary service fees.

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Please check the system(s) you are filing an emergency claim for:*
PLEASE NOTE: EMERGENCIES ARE LIMITED TO THE THREAT OF LIFE OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. Some systems may not qualify for coverage under your specific warranty contract. Starred systems are only covered if you have an Elite or Ultimate Warranty, and double starred systems are only covered if you have the optional coverage rider.
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Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, jpeg, Max. file size: 100 MB.


Please Note:

Depending on the policy, the homeowner is responsible for a $75 or $100 deductible (plus tax if applicable) for each system or plumbing component. The deductible charge is due when the service is performed and shall be paid by the homeowner to the authorized UHP contractor upon presentation of the bill. Overtime fees will be applied to any applicable coverage limitations. Fees may be double the cost of service during normal business hours.